Madden 21: Early Access, MUT Captains and New Master Player
Madden 21: Early Access, MUT Captains and New Master Player

It's official, Madden 21 will arrive on 28 August! The game will drop on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

But you don't have to wait until 28 August to play because early access is available for Madden 21! Early access starts on 25 August. Pre-order now to ensure you get your copy in time for game day! But you'll have to get the right edition.


Along with this Early Access, the Deluxe and MVP Editions also come with different reward packages for pre-ordering. Both will unlock on 25 August, and both come with some Ultimate Team bonuses.

On Tuesday night, a Twitch live provided more details about the upcoming Madden 21 Ultimate Team. This is one of the most popular modes in the game. During the new presentation, EA Madden's Agent K and Jake Stein talked about the upcoming game mode, especially, for the first time, we saw four MUT Captains and this year's master player.

Madden 21 Ultimate Team Captains

In Madden 20, MUT gamers choose one of the four team-captains as part of their squad for the season. These choices include MLB Ryan Shazier, TE Dallas Clark, WR Herman Moore, and CB Ty Law. Basically, gamers had their player on their Ultimate Team roster and then could get upgrades throughout the MUT season. There was also an option to switch out team captains as needed.

This option will appear in the Madden 21 ultimate team, as they mentioned, there will also be an exchange set. In the MUT 21 season, it will be available multiple times.

As for the selection of Madden 21 MUT Captain, they have four new options. They will include halfback Eddie George, defensive tackle La'Roi Grover, wide receiver Ed McCaffrey and cornerback Aeneas Williams.

A New MUT Master Player

In Madden 21, the MUT Masters player will be former Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints middle linebacker Sam Mills. After playing for the Saints for 8 years, he became a member of the expansion franchise in Carolina, playing in every game for the team's first three seasons.

He will become the master player in the latest Madden game, and gamers can earn him through a quick Ultimate Team mission. Just like the captains of MUT, he will become upgradeable during the Ultimate Team season. The premise is that you have enough MUT 21 Coins.

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