One-handed NFL player Perform a spectacular one-handed shot in Madden 20
One-handed NFL player Perform a spectacular one-handed shot in Madden 20

Shaquem Griffin has no left hand. He was born with serious illness and incomplete development, and his parents later amputated. This did not stop him from participating in the NFL, where he was the second-year linebacker of the Seattle Seahawks. And it can't stop him from catching with one hand. Use the left arm. At Madden NFL 20.

Griffin returned to the passing range and used his left arm to hang the ball with Eli Manning. Griffin's player model fully and accurately represents his real-life arm but seems to be for physical purposes, no matter what in video games.

I'm very good! After all, Griffin's story is that, regardless of his condition, he can perform in the highest-level linebacker - enough to get him into the ultimate team and not even notice his left arm. This is Griffin, a third-line outside linebacker on the Seattle depth map, which looks like it in the list menu.

However, this does point out that under the cover of Madden NFL 16 four years ago, Odell Beckham Jr., if it was not routine, the one-handed grip would become crazy. You don't even need to control the receiver or defender and hit the triangle/y ("aggressive capture") to see them; the artificial intelligence player regularly performs one-handed operations enough to make comments by Charles Davis and Brandon Gaudi. The team gently laughed at this trend.

However, next, EA Sports will not or cannot develop special code for Griffin, but only adjust his CTH rating. For example, unlike Pat Venditte in MLB The Show 16, his switch pitch is a new skill that developers must accommodate. EA Tiburon may have just masked a changed left arm on his model - because giving him two complete weapons is very disrespectful - and then his playing ability is the same as any other 69-level ROLB.

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