How Were Gamers Attracted To Madden21 By Player Cards
How Were Gamers Attracted To Madden21 By Player Cards

“Madden NFL 21 is a competitive American football game in which players can become the manager of a professional football team, and you will come to assist your players to have a better performance on the court. At the same time, players can also try to challenge with online players, so that you can compete with your team.” But I was never attracted to these introductions until I saw the two pictures below.

Is this really not a real person? Isn't this a real scene? This is a set of new screenshots of "Madden NFL 21" recently announced by EA, showing the "light tracing" effect of the game, and the reflection on the helmet perfectly presents the stunning "light tracing". After I saw them, all I could say was: awesome. For this movie-like picture quality, I decided to try to learn about Madden 21, so that when the game is released, I can learn how to operate it faster. I googled a lot about Madden 21 and leaned that it had more innovation than Madden 20.

1. Skill Stick Upgrades
The Madden 21 Skill Stick features allow us to use the right analog stick to link together skill maneuvers in new fluid ways. IN most cases we will use this when we re running, but this also includes Pass Rush Moves and plenty of defensive features.

This year, there are dead-leg and slide hurdles that we can combine with the rest and then use the ball-carrier system upgrades to show our opponents that we can really do.

There are also now pass-rush moves and combos and we will need to vary your moves since repeated attacks will be met with counters by the offensive line. Combine this with diversified playcalling. I believe I can take a dominant position in the game.

2. Face of the Franchise Upgrades
From there we play in college with our choice of 10 different Division 1 schools. In Madden 21, we get to play two years of college football playoffs, so that we can try to win two NCAA Championships. We can also switch positions to try out our skills as a running back or a wide receiver so that we can understand our strengths and weakness.

3. New Ultimate Team Content
EA says that there is a brand new season of Madden Ultimate Team content coming with new rewards for Madden 21. Although I don't know what it is, I still look forward to it. EA said that there are not too many details about the ultimate team changes in Madden21, well, the mysterious things are always more interesting, I will look forward to it.

4. Live Playbooks
When we are playing Madden 21, the playbooks we use throughout the year will see updates based on how the team is playing in real life. When in Play Now and Franchise, the playbook for specific teams will update based on new schemes and new plays during the real NFL season. I don't know how fast these updates are, but it doesn't seem to affect my playbook in the ultimate team. This is pretty cool, what really happened was used in the game and it made me feel miraculous.

5. X-Factor 2.0
EA announced that there are 50 new Superstar and X-Factor abilities that are "fresh out of the lab." So I don't know what all of these are yet, but it sounds like a person with superpowers, it is better than nothing. After the game comes out, I will slowly explore it. This is also one of the fun of the game.

6. Location Based Tackles
Madden 21 now adds location-based tackles to the mix. This means that offensive and defensive players know when there is a first down marker, pylon, or the endzone and react accordingly. Ball carriers will reach to try and get the first down or the must-have touchdown, just like in real life. Defenders will also stop the reach out and make the big stop at some point in the game. This makes  the game more realistic, more in line with the actual game scene, and makes me more focused.

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