Madden 21 Ultimate Team: Fastest middle linebackers in MUT
Madden 21 Ultimate Team: Fastest middle linebackers in MUT

With Madden 21 scheduled to be released on August 28, a large number of MUT players will use early access, and it's time to start planning. Speed is crucial, and as user defenders slow down this year, having a fast MLB will be more important than ever.

These are the fastest MLBs in Madden Ultimate Team right now!

Devin White- 77 OVR (Speed: 85)

Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Program: Core Gold

It's not a surprise to see Devin White here. The Bucs MLB was a go-to for players last year and he should be a constant figure in these rankings as the season goes on.

His core gold has 85 speed and 83 acceleration, along with 78 pursuit, 76 tackle, and 75 hit power. He's also got 62 zone and 53 man coverage.

Deion Jones- 83 OVR (Speed: 84)

Team: Atlanta Falcons

Program: Core Elite

If you're after a higher OVR with your speed, then be sure to hunt down Deion Jones' core elite card.

He has 84 speed and 84 acceleration with 82 pursuit and 78 tackle. He also has 80 zone and 70 man coverage with 60 catching, making him a great choice for creating turnovers.

Jaylon Smith- 85 OVR (Speed: 83)

Team: Dallas Cowboys

Program: Rivalz

It will take a bit of grinding to claim Jaylon Smith's Ricalz card, if you have enough MUT 21 Coins, just buy it. Once you get it you'll be glad you did!

He has 83 speed and 86 acceleration. He's also got amazing 87 hit power, 86 pursuit, and 82 tackle.

Jarrad David- 84 OVR (Speed: 83)

Team: Detroit Lions

Program: Team Builders

Part of the Team Builders promo, this Jarrad Davids card could be a favorite. He has 83 speed with an incredible 87 acceleration. That pace comes with 87 hit power and 85 tackle. He's not great in coverage but does have a 66 power moves and 77 block shed to be good against the run.

Devin Bush- 76 OVR (Speed: 83)

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Program: Core Gold

No grinding is required for this one. Devin Bush's core gold card is a cheap way of getting some speed into your team. He has 83 speed and 84 acceleration, along with 81 hit power and 76 tackle. His 60 zone means you should probably user him at every opportunity though. Buying the Player Card with MUT 21 Coins is worthwhile.

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