Madden NFL 21 X-Factor Players And Abilities Revealed
Madden NFL 21 X-Factor Players And Abilities Revealed

Last week, EA Sports released Madden NFL 21 player ratings from their performance in the previous season. Based on it, they are divided into ordinary and elite ones. In order to be able to better show the uniqueness of these players, EA is bringing back special X-Factor abilities in Madden 21, which has announced the top lineup of X-Factor this year, featuring Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson.

Starting from Madden NFL 20, it has added a new game mode called X-Factor in it, giving those elite players unique abilities just like their real-life counterparts. Each team has X-Factor players, and their abilities will gradually be unlocked throughout the course of the game.

Uniqueness is the greatest feature of X-Factor, every player has unique performance and abilities. Take Madden NFL 21 as an example:

Brady, Drew Brees: Pro Reads, who are good at the first target and speeding up throws. After 5+ yard completions for three times, the ability could be triggered and be knocked out after a sack.

Russell Wilson: Blitz Radar, doing well in extra blitzers, for 10+ yards three times, you can trigger the ability, and be knocked out after two sacks.

Aaron Rodgers: Gambler, bringing a good zone ability for Franchise Mode. In order to unlock the ability, players must make three consecutive completions of 5+ yards, and the ability will be canceled upon two incompletions.

Patrick Mahomes: Bazooka, with 15-plus yards throwing distance

Lamar Jackson: Truss, no fumbles when he's in the zone, triggered by five 1+ yard runs.

Furthermore, there are more superstar abilities that will be leaked, and they would be attached to other players.

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