The NBA Will Use NBA 2K Sound For Crowd Noise To Continue 2019-20 Season
The NBA Will Use NBA 2K Sound For Crowd Noise To Continue 2019-20 Season

In March, the NBA suspended its season due to the global pandemic of covid-19, at present, the NBA plans to restart the season among 22 teams to compete. There is now a point worth considering, there will not be any audience or fan to be allowed to appear in the arenas, how do players play without fans? Therefore, it is conceivable to use NBA 2K video game background music as the piped-in crowd noise.

When there is no live game, the NBA 2K has already completed the 2019-20 season simulation game, temporarily filling in the lack of sports activities during the blank period when fans staying at home. According to the latest news, the National Basketball Players Association decided to restart the 2019-20 NBA season on July 31 at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, with no fans in attendance in order to ensure the safety.

In a restless game like basketball, it is difficult for someone to play in a quiet venue, and the applause, shouts and even crowd noise can mobilize the enthusiasm of players, especially on an empty basketball court, so the use of NBA 2K video game sound can't be better.

However, the suggestion has not yet been determined, the NBA and NBPA is still discussing creative opportunities. Anyway, this summer, the TV broadcasts will be the only way to watch these basketball games of the NBA.

So, do you support using NBA 2K sound as crowd noise for the NBA games? This is allowed to share your own views.

Whether it is the NBA or NBA 2K, they are different forms of sport games that fans like, especially in the current situation, which is better to stay at home and play video games. Until the end of the NBA 2019-20 season, NBA 2K21 will probably be released on consoles to play.

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