Washington NFL Name And Logo Will Disappear On Madden NFL 21
Washington NFL Name And Logo Will Disappear On Madden NFL 21

For a long time, the Nickname of Washington's team, Redskins has been questioned for racial discrimination. Therefore, EA Sports and the NFL made the decision before the release of Madden NFL 21, dropping the "Redskins" name and logo and deleting all relevant content, such as audio mentions, stadium art and fan apparel.

Madden 21 will be released on August 28, and there will be early access on August 25, when the fans will still be able to see the name and logo of "Redskins", because the discs are already in production now, but it would be deleted immediately once the game is connected to the Internet. Soon, a new nickname and logo would be announced by the Washington franchise.

It's very glad that Washington is going to change its team name and visual identity, making a generic Washington team.

Washington Redskins has became the history, with a new nickname to replace. Until then, the name and logo will download automatically via title updates, and the first one will be available to the Early Access players of Madden 21 on August 25, along with audio/commentary updates, motion graphics and presentation updates, stadium art, environments, crowd gear, signage update, etc.

It is also possible that fans will see the outdated Washington NFL content, but it won't last too long, all of those from the game in additional title updates will be removed soon after launch.

Madden NFL 21 will make huge changes and improvements in gameplay, modes, teams, players and more, and in order to reach the final victory, it is crucial to build a strong team with high overall players, such as Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Donald, Michael Thomas, and more.

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