Madden NFL 20 Review PS4, Xbox One
Madden NFL 20 Review PS4, Xbox One

Are you ready to play football? Get your helmet (which means you, Antonio Brown) and fit, because the Madden NFL 20 is here. Fortunately, this year does not feel like a complete demeanor of my experience with Madden 19 but lacks the same strong competition. EA doesn't change much over the years or take any new features, but the Madden NFL 20 can still provide it everywhere, even if it's marked as a mask. Let's throw the coin away because it almost starts.

So let me start with my favorite Madden NFL 20; X factor. With the Madden NFL 20, EA has introduced a new game mechanic that is not so novel. Each team's superstar players, known as X-Factors, have unique special abilities that can be used once they "enter the area."

Each skill requires a certain standard (throwing more than 30 yards, intercepting two balls, etc.), once you reach these criteria, you can use the player's advanced abilities. These abilities now allow you to pitch further, tighten your defense, and not cause any interception in anything else, but they won't last forever. There are also traps for each ability that take you out of the area. The system seems a bit like an arcade to me, but it adds some real depth to the gameplay and must be considered when considering your team. You see, every team has X-Factor players, but some players are more distinctive than others and can play more of your advantage.

If you're better at offense, then it's more meaningful to choose an offensive superstar like Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes (if you think you have more, I will vomit a little in my mouth) a defensive master You may want to go with Bears and Khalil Mack or my Broncos and Von Miller (free plugin).

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