Was Madden NFL 21 Release Delayed To An Uncertain Date?
Was Madden NFL 21 Release Delayed To An Uncertain Date?

Knowing NFL fans can’t wait to have a look at Madden 21, we collected some of the main information to reach it, mainly from release date, cover athletes and gameplay.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, fans have speculated whether this will cause a delay in Madden 21, and we have done a special investigation and analysis.

As the only sport that has not yet been touched by COVD-19, the NFL activities are still scheduled to go ahead, after the Super Bowl LIV, the NFL Draft is arriving at the end of April.

There are some way from Madden 21 release, originally expected in August, it is uncertain whether Madden 21 will be affected, as COVID-19 is happening in every place around the world, and even cause unpredictable consequences.

As of now, Madden 21 has not received any official release date and delayed decision. Once there is an announcement, we will update the article immediately.

A delay due in large part to EA Sports’ staff having to work from home in this special period, and any delay in next Gen release might cause to put back Madden 21 release, which is not what we want to see.

Speaking of cover athlete of Madden 21, NFL fans also have various speculation, surely, no one knows which big name will be on the cover of Madden 21. Currently the most supported is Lamar Jackson, the quarterback of Baltimore Ravens, who is nonetheless the league’s best player during 2019-20 season of NFL. But he is not the only choice, in general, some powerful defensive players will also be considered.

With Madden 21, there must have new game modes like Superstar KO in Madden 20 to add and enhance your competitiveness and strength.

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